Side Jaunt – The Wulsthaube

An area that I have been lacking in my costuming is that of headgear. I just never could get into it for whatever reason. Yes, I needed to wear a hat to make sure I didn’t burn in the sun, but those headdresses out there? Yeah, they were just plain silly most of the time you know?

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Mary of Hapsburg Dress Part 1 – Transitions are Hard Work!

My biggest problem with this lovely dress is that its sides essentially skim down the oustide of the bustline. And when you are a larger lady, with size 36G breasts, you really, really, really need some support for the girls. I’m just sayin’.

After much sturm und drang over the past month about what to do with such an open front, putting the conundrum to the SCA hive mind, and asking some German costume specialists, I have decided to make the Mary of Hapsburg dress with an under-kirtle. There is no evidence either for or against the use of a kirtle. However there is very little evidence that a woman would wear a dress that was open like this, ESPECIALLY in a high court situation like Mary would have been wearing it. This was a dress that was made for her wedding celebrations. It was not a time to show off her body like a slattern or bathhouse babe.

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An Addition to the Stash

Yes, I know. I’m not supposed to be buying more fabric. Well, at least that was my promise to myself. It didn’t go so well. lol

But after seeing it, can you blame me? I didn’t think so.

It’s a luscious red, not as orange-y as the picture shows and there is a deeper red design that isn’t very visible on it as well. It’s a cotton, from the same Waverly line as the fabric I intend to make the Mary of Hapsburg dress from.

My plans for it? Well, I think it would make a wonderful low-cut sleeveless kirtle to use for my support layer. If I made it to lace up the sides, it would be easy to get in and out of and it would also provide adjustments that are necessary as the body fluctuates up and down. Plus, it would be just AWESOME to have a red underdress that I could reveal here and there with other outfits. I really like the possibility a whole lot.

So things are coalescing with projects solidifying in my mind. I knew blogging about this would help everything.

And with that… Onto the making of the Mary of Hapsburg gown!

A Plan for 12th Night?

So, 12th Night is going to be on Jan 8th. I think that’s plenty of time to get something started, and I think the Mary of Hapsburg dress will be awesome. The theme for 12th Night is Cloth of Gold, and the garb contest is for anything 16th century. Since the dress was made for Mary’s wedding in 1520, that’s absolutely perfect timing.

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The War Corgi

Along the way on this blog, I’m going to document other projects that I do. And this one was so much fun!

Recently we attended War of the Wings X at Elchenburg Castle in the Kingdom of Atlantia. One of the contests was entitled “Dogs of War” and your task, should you choose to accept it, was to create barding for a dog to wear during the grand processional and then to be judged later.

I didn’t feel like making barding for either of my dogs, as I was sure that neither of them would appreciate me for it. I didn’t think one of my cats would appreciate it either. So what is a girl to do? Create barding for a stuffed animal!

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In the Beginning, there was the Stash

And it was large. And it was not organized. And it’s purpose was murky, and ever changing as the whim of woman it controlled tried to decide what to do with it. *sigh*

So I started this blog. To try and control my projects, to discuss and finesse my plans, and maybe to help others along the way.

My name is Syele. Well, okay, it’s my SCA name. Lady Syele von Dampach. Currently of a denizen of the Canton of Middlegate, in the Barony of Sacred Stone in Atlantia, formerly of the Barony of Naevehjem in Caid. I’m coming back to the SCA after a 20 year hiatus. And I want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! Specifically all the German things. Landsknecht, Swabian, Housebook, Cranach. All the lovely pretties that are involved. And attempt to keep on a budget as well. It’s not all that easy, but money doesn’t grow on trees, now does it?

So, buckle in and get ready for a ride. Syele is back and she’s going to be the prettiest German girl on the block!